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How to Get Massage Clients Fast: 10 Effective Tips to Get You Started

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Getting new clients can be challenging, especially if you have just entered the massage business. Generating awareness, building trust, and drawing in customers through the doors are all parts of the initial stage of marketing. And we are betting you already know about timeless marketing tactics such as referrals or email marketing.

This is why our goal with this blog is to take a step forward and help you answer the constantly asked question – ‘How to get massage clients ‘FASTER’ than ever?’

Did you notice we emphasized the word ‘faster’? Wondering why? Well, getting clients through conventional marketing methods is usual, but we understand that new massage parlors also need to know tips and tricks to speed up this process.

Hence, we will talk about 10 handy tips that are more client-focused and will aid your massage business, both new and well-established, in getting more clients fast. 

You can click on any tip that is given below to jump straight to it!

  1. Reach out to your former customers
  2. Look for complimentary business tie-ups
  3. Don’t miss a chance to advertise
  4. Create irresistible offers and discounts
  5. Market, market, and market!
  6. Leverage business charity
  7. Get listed in popular massage directories
  8. Run keyword-optimised ads
  9. Fill up last-minute openings
  10. Make the switch to online scheduling

1. Reach out to your former customers

Acquiring a new customer can be five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Crazy, isn’t it?

So instead of targeting new customers and bringing them in, you can follow a more budget-savvy tactic – bring back customers you have already served! 

Pull up your list of lapsed customers and market to them regularly. First, select a medium of choice – SMS marketing, email marketing, or even a phone call to begin with. The time of marketing to them can range from quarterly to bi-annually. But make sure you aren’t being intrusive.

Next, attract their attention by creating compelling content. Draw their attention with phrases such as “We miss you!”. Ensure you include some incentive, maybe a discount, to seal the deal.

You can also gather their feedback and if possible, address their concerns in your campaign. A few case studies have shown that customers are more likely to respond to brands with an active voice. 

2. Look for complimentary business tie-ups

A massage therapist and an athletic event organizer teaming up for business

What could be a better audience for a massage than athletes with tired muscles? Team up with marathon or any other athletic event organizers, and advertise directly to your potential customers. 

A sure-shot way to bring in new clientele to your business is by smartly offering a discount coupon to every finisher at the event.

Another example of a symbiotic tie-up is by teaming up with healthcare providers. As per a study conducted by AMTA, 40% of massage therapists said they got clients referred by medical practitioners. 

Patients often find massages help soothe their muscular injuries and gain back movement while you as a therapist gain a new regular client. A win-win in our books!

3. Don’t miss a chance to advertise 

Oft-quoted by marketers, not utilizing packaging is a wasted marketing opportunity. It is for the same reason that Gordon Ramsey implements attractive branding strategies such as mugs and to-go packaging in the restaurants he revamps in his popular TV show – “Hell on Wheels”. 

Well, why should you be left behind? You can choose to implement a few of these strategies yourself: 

  • Hand out free coffee or beverage samplers with your branding and logo on them. This is sure to raise awareness about your massage business. 
  • To bring in qualified leads, you can even put together a small kit with branded t-shirts, a product you sell and discounts coupons to give your clients, and create walking billboards around the city. 

Limit the offer to your first few customers daily, and raise the stakes for your potential clients to visit your establishment quickly. 

4. Create irresistible offers and discounts

No one passes up a chance to get a free massage. We repeat, no one. So when given a chance to get a 30-minute massage for free, people are sure to jump at the chance. And if they are happy with your services, they are sure to keep coming back!

You need to bring in those initial sets of customers to your business. Making them stick to your business can be easily achieved with these offers and seasonal discounts! 

Another tactic can be to offer a 50% discount on all services for loyal customers. This can be a good strategy when you want to build a solid client base of repeat massage clients. Having a good rapport with your clients and implementing their feedback wherever possible is sure to lock them in as regulars!

Did you know?

By using an online massage scheduling software like Appointy, you can run and manage offers & discounts for your business from a single dashboard.

5. Market, market, and market!  

Often the reason your customers are far and few is because not many people know your massage business exists. So, set aside a certain budget from your business expenses and look for opportunities to draw the eye of the locals. 

Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that you make yourself impossible to miss:

  • Go the old-fashioned way of printing up flyers and pasting them across town. Places like parks, public libraries, supermarkets, local billboards, etc. can act as good mediums for grabbing the attention of the locals.
  • Reach out to a local lifestyle influencer and get them to promote your business on their YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram pages, etc.
  • You can even turn to newspapers and television media to run ads.

The choice is yours! Just make sure you are spending those bucks on customers who are actually able to reach you, that is, live in the area. For example, advertising on national television will not make sense for a massage business unless it is part of a franchise.

6. Leverage business charity 

Your massage business can be charitable. Yes, you heard that right! 

While you may not be able to help contribute to bigger causes directly, you can surely spread your services to a wider audience with the help of gift certificates. Schools in the city, museums raising money, or perhaps a 10K run – massage vouchers and gift certificates could be coveted prizes for everyone.

Don’t miss!

What if we tell you that you can now sell gift certificates to customers right when they are booking an appointment with you?

Jump onto our article to see how you can make this happen and get more clients!

Another way of raising awareness about your business and working for a cause is holding a massage event such that you donate the proceeds to a cause of your choice. Not only will this enable you to do your part for society, but it will also boost people’s opinions about your business. And in a service-based business like yours, that will surely lead to a favorable outcome of gaining new massage clients.

A woman searching for a massage centre using online directories

No, we are not talking about the Yellow Pages or a paperback directory. These days the directories are online as people generally look for massage therapists from the comfort of their homes. Getting listed in massage directories like MassageFinder or AMTA becomes extremely necessary in this case. 

You can also make sure your Google My Business profile and Yelp listing are updated, with location and contact/ business details, so the customers can find you easily. Creating such comprehensive listings is especially helpful as they allow customers to get a bird’s eye view of your business with the photos and reviews about your business – which in turn also generates trust. 

Not only this but using an RwG partner scheduling software such as Appointy lets customers book appointments directly from the page! Wondering how? Well, Appointy simply helps you add an intuitive ‘Book’ button to your Google My Business profile, thereby converting prospects into paying clients!

8. Run keyword-optimised ads

If you are going to invest in running online targeted (local) ads, it would be best to optimize them with keywords. This ensures that your page is not buried somewhere in the search results, but instead is visible at the top. 

To execute this, you can look into these ideas to get your massage business on the top of your client’s search results:

  • Do industry and cross-industry research to understand the industry standard and application, and add keywords best suited for your business
  • Target keywords that your competitors use – but also scrutinize how they use those keywords
  • Make sure your text ads look attractive to your target audience – make it compelling enough for clients to take action immediately!)
  • Use words that induce urgency in your readers. Action verbs like ‘Book now!’, ‘Book right away!’, ‘Offer/ Discount available for X days’, etc. can help create a buzz around your business.

If you’re not familiar with running ads on Google, you can always refer to their extensive help guide, or even hire a professional!

Pro tip: Instead of directing Google Ads to your website or social media pages, choose to offer your office number, or redirect clients to an online booking page to convert more leads faster!

9. Fill up last-minute openings

Appointment cancellations are a normal part of any service-based business. But did you know, there is a way to monetize even the last-minute cancellations (without charging the bulk of fees to the previous customer)? 

It all starts with building a community. Be it a page or group on Facebook or Instagram, sending an SMS blast from your work phone, or engaging with your Twitter audience. (buy modafinil greece)  

Keep in mind this is the audience that will mostly come to your rescue when there is a last-minute cancellation.

Let me tell you how. 

Got a last-minute cancellation? It can be frustrating, we understand. But you can use the community you’ve built to your advantage by posting about this empty/ open slot on your page (bonus: adding an enticing discount could prompt them further!). 

This post would encourage potential customers who are available to reach out to you about scheduling their appointment at that time instead!

10. Make the switch to online scheduling

Gone are the days when customers used to call the reception, ask for an available slot, and book themselves in. In this fast-paced world, people are inclining toward services that are digital and tap into their comfort.

And in a high-touch business like yours, it would be smart for you, as a massage therapist, to go as low-touch as possible to get in more clients! By low-touch we mean – go digital when it comes to scheduling. 

Online scheduling will help you get new massage clients even outside your regular business hours, thereby minimizing chances of the unnecessary back-and-forth communication.  

It may be the best investment you can make for your business as well as for your customers, and here’s why: 

  • Clients would have the freedom to choose an available appointment slot from your calendar, 24*7.
  • You can set up working hours for yourself and your staff, making it very simple to manage and showcase real-time availability.
  • You can set up automated SMS/ email reminders and send them at preset times to ensure on-time arrival.
  • You can secure your appointments and avoid any casual bookings by enabling clients to prepay for your services.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features can help you gather and analyze your key business numbers.

That’s some automation right there, isn’t it? But don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry, we got you! Presenting Appointy’s massage scheduling software, a one-stop solution to all your scheduling and business management needs.

While Appointy has all the above-mentioned features, there is a lot more that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • You can manage resources like rooms, beds, etc., and avoid their double bookings by assigning them to services at the time of booking.
  • You can maintain dedicated client profiles, fully-structured and organized with notes related to services, client preferences, and more.
  • This tool lets you add a book button to your Google profile, business website, and socials like Facebook and Instagram. This can help in converting prospects into paying clients right off these mediums!
  • You can create and sell gift certificates, discounts, and brilliant offers in a matter of minutes!

We could go on and on, but if you wish to see for yourself, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial and check out these features!

Wrapping up

A client lying on a bed, getting a back massage

It isn’t a new fact that you need to have patience when working on any venture. Initial days can be quite slow – your ads may not perform well, or your social media platforms may not be growing. But with consistency and hope, you will surely be able to reach your desired goals.

With that, we hope that these tips on how to get massage clients fast turn out to be useful for your business. All the best! 🥳

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