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10 Effective Spa Marketing Ideas to Boost Business Revenue in 2023

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A well-outlined spa marketing strategy is crucial for your business to stand out in the crowd. And if you’re looking to get started, the beginning of the year can be the best time to put some marketing ideas for spas into action. 

To help you gear up with the latest marketing tactics, we bring to you 10 simple spa marketing ideas for the year 2022, that are also easy to implement. Discuss them with your team and get set to implement them in your spa promotions.

So let’s dive in!

Spa marketing ideas to grow your business in 2023

Before we come to how to market your spa effectively, there are three fundamental things that you should definitely pay attention to:

  1. Staff attitude and professionalism
  2. Spa decor and ambience 
  3. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The first two reflect your brand and constitute the most crucial factors in building your spa brand and a good image in the market. They’ll not only help you attract new customers but retain the existing ones as well!  

Next, don’t forget about your USP!  Whatever you choose to do, always identify and keep your USP at the crux of your spa marketing plan. This is what makes your spa different from the others, and the reason why your customers choose you! So making it the theme of all your messaging will help you increase the effectiveness of your spa marketing tactics. 

Now that we’re clear with the basics, let’s get to the spa promotion ideas to revamp your marketing strategy for this year:

1. Create an exceptional first impression

As the famous saying goes, the first impression is the last impression

And especially in an industry like yours, where experiences matter the most, making sure that every new customer has an exceptional first visit counts among the best marketing strategies for spas. It’ll help you attract more customers to your spa and turn new customers into returning customers. 

Focus on delivering unforgettable experiences at every step of the way. 

Ensure that they feel welcomed. Check them in quickly and seamlessly. Pay attention to their wants and needs, understand their preferences, and incorporate them during the service delivery. Guide them amicably towards the changing rooms, assigned massage or service room, and make them feel comfortable. 

A small incentive on the first visit can be a good idea too. It can help you attract more customers to your spa. It could be a freebie, discounted products or services, or free add-on services. For example, you could give $20 off on their first service, a free manicure, or 15% off when they first purchase a product off your retail shelves. 

These incentives will go a long way in removing objections, especially for customers who are on the fence about making an appointment with you. You never know, it might just be that little push they need to click that Book button! 

Tip: While we’re on the topic of offering attractive deals, don’t forget to promote your spa offers during special occasions and holidays. You can offer limited-period discounts, freebies, service packages, and anything that you think your customers will love! This way you’ll be able to make the most of each event like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. 

2. Strengthen your spa’s online presence 

A strong online presence is necessary in today’s world. Your spa should have a presence on each and every channel where your potential customers might look for you or would like to find you. And they should be able to do it easily!

Here are a few channels which can help you build a strong online presence: 

Professional website

If you don’t already have a spa website, it’s high time you get one! You can get it developed by a professional or use website builders with ready-made templates to customize your own website. 

Since most people today use the Internet to get more information on businesses, it will be the first place where most prospective customers might land. Consider it a digital version of your receptionist’s office!

So make sure that your website is functional, provides all the information visitors might need, answers all of their questions, accepts appointments, and reflects the look and feel of your spa brand. 

For your website to keep bringing in actual leads, it should be updated regularly, load quickly, be mobile responsive, and should look professional. 

You can optimize your website content to rank higher on search engines and hence get better leads. Include relevant keywords in your titles, meta descriptions, content, URL, image alt-texts, etc. Focus on long-tail keywords specific to your location and USP to target more relevant audiences. 

Also, don’t forget to make your website guest-friendly. Ensure that anyone who visits your website for the first time is easily able to find what they are looking for – services and products you offer, pricing, contact details, address or location link, customer testimonials, reviews, etc. 

Want to drive more conversions from your website? Enable that with Appointy’s free website booking integration!

Take the example of Reflexion Spa as shown. Their website follows their theme throughout, which matches their brand logo very well. They’ve covered everything a visitor would like to know about their spa in the navigation menu right on the top of the page. They’ve very carefully crafted a headline and a subheadline about their spa, along with the keywords ‘Chicago’ and ‘Hinsdale’, which will certainly help in their search engine rankings. They’ve also provided clear CTA buttons on – Book and Call buttons for both their locations.   

Professional spa website example
Source: Reflexion Spa

Google My Business listing

Handling over 90% of all search queries worldwide, Google dominates the search engine market. This is why it becomes increasingly important for your spa business to be present on this platform for higher visibility. 

When people in the nearby areas look for a spa, you would want them to choose you, wouldn’t you? For that to happen, they need to be able to 1) find you, 2) get relevant information and, 3) be able to book you! A listing on Google My Business does exactly that!

Given below is an example of the Google search results for ‘spa in Manhattan’. Notice that the first few organic results are Google My Business listings of relevant spas, along with their addresses, contact information, open hours, and reviews. 

Anyone looking to book a spa service can simply choose one of these options and book an appointment, right from Google! 

Spa Reserve with Google results on SERP

Social media 

One of the most important and powerful channels to improve online visibility today is social media. Different types of social media platforms cater to different types of audiences and hence are relevant for different types of businesses. 

Businesses in the spa industry can try out the following social media platforms to establish an online presence:

A) Facebook

Facebook is a huge online community today. And most businesses own a Facebook business page. If you don’t have one already, create a profile or page for your spa business. Add pictures and videos of your spa in action, post customer reviews, and testimonials promote any new products, services, or seasonal offers, and more! 

B) Instagram

This platform has also grown quite popular in the past few years. More than half the global active users of Instagram are 34 years or younger. To target this relatively young customer base, it is a good idea to create an Instagram business account! Instagram is all about photos and videos, so make sure that your feed is a visual treat to visitors and matches the vibe of your brand! 

D) Pinterest 

Pinterest is again, all about pictures and videos. Posts here are called ‘pins’ and they’re shown on relevant searches on search engines and on Pinterest. Use it to your advantage by posting eye-catching photos of your spa, its services and products. Remember to showcase the elements that would entice visitors and help increase your traffic for business growth. 

Online spa directories 

Being present on online directories like Yelp and spa-specific directories like SpaFinder, SpaIndexMedia, etc. is not a choice, but a necessity these days. 

Most people conduct an online search before stepping into your spa. Not being present where clients expect to see you would put you at a disadvantage. 

Therefore it is best for you to get listed on these directories, at least the more popular ones. Also, don’t forget to request your happy clients to leave a review there to build your positive image. Because people take online reviews very seriously

3. Partner with local businesses 

Leverage the clientele of other local businesses to boost your revenue. The refreshing and rejuvenating services you offer are loved by people from all walks of life. Forming exclusive partnerships with local businesses can help in cross-promotion and benefit both parties involved. 

Reach out to local businesses that might be interested in swapping promotional materials. You can collaborate with local hair salons, tourist destinations, hotels, gyms, wedding vendors, yoga studios, health clubs, restaurants, etc. 

It will help you increase your clientele and save some money by advertising together. You can create well-crafted business referral programs wherein the two businesses involved refer each other to their clients. You can even introduce some offers and discounts to boost the initial promotions. 

4. Promote your spa business on social media

We’ve already talked about how it is important to be present on social media. But that’s not enough! You need to promote your business on social media to get more customers. 

This is one of the most affordable and low-cost ways to market your spa. It requires consistency and commitment for the long term. Here are a few points to consider to boost your social media traffic and engagement, and get more customers: 

  • Post regularly: As I already mentioned, consistency is a must when it comes to social media. So make sure that you don’t just post content on your various social media profiles only when you feel like it or only when you’re free. Create a posting schedule for your social channels so that you never miss out. Consider the best days and times to post content while doing so. 
  • Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are crucial to your reach on social media. Whenever you post something, ensure that you add hashtags that go with that specific post content, and then include the most popular industry hashtags. Don’t put too many or too few hashtags. The optimum number of hashtags for Twitter is about two, for Instagram about 11, and about 6 for Facebook. 
  • User-generated content is the key: People relate more with your customers than with you. Encourage guests to share their photos post-visit and tag you on their own social media handles. You can then repost their content in order to promote it and build an emotional connection with your followers. 
  • Run contests and giveaways: Who doesn’t like the excitement of a free reward? Social media contests and giving away freebies can help boost your reach and engagement on social channels. You can take up these, especially around special occasions and holiday seasons. The rewards can be a freebie or an exclusive discount, whatever you feel is best. 

Tip: Adding a booking call to action on your social media handles will make it easier for customers to book an appointment with you, and hence lead to increased bookings for your spa.
A spa scheduling software such as Appointy will help you add Book Now buttons to Instagram and Facebook, and your booking link on your other business channels. 
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Below is an example from the Facebook page of Spa Mobile. Note how their profile and cover images match with each other and also showcase their brand. They’ve added their location on Maps and short and concise information about their spa and its services right below it.

Don’t forget to take note of the Book Now button that can fuel more bookings from their FB followers. 

Also, take a look at their Instagram page. They’ve given a short and professional bio and a link to their website. Their whole page follows a color scheme that is the same as their brand logo which definitely builds a better connection with their brand. They’ve also added Instagram action buttons to their profile – Message, Book Now, and Contact which will definitely help them get more customers from their spa Instagram. 

5. Promote customer testimonials to build credibility 

What customers say about you has an emotional angle, and that’s why most of the potential customers will be interested in the same. It will help build credibility for your spa and instill trust in people’s minds about your brand. 

Request and encourage your happy customers to review you online on your website, online directories, and social media accounts. If you’re an Appointy customer, you can automatically request customers to review your services, post an appointment, and showcase them on your booking page. This will encourage potential customers to book an appointment with you. 

You can showcase testimonials from your loyal customers on your website (mandatory), social media, and promotional material. A picture of your happy customers would make it even better and more credible.  

6. Embrace video marketing for your spa

Over 70% of marketers say that video content has better conversion rates than any other format. And using video on your web pages can increase conversions by about 86%. Videos of your spa in action on your website, social media pages, and other marketing efforts for your spa services can give customers the feel of your space before they actually pay a visit.  

You can even have a YouTube channel for your spa. You can post how-to videos, DIY tutorials, skincare tips, a glimpse of your most famous services and products, a spa tour, a little chit-chat with your happy customers, etc. If YouTube seems like a lot, to begin with, you can do the same kinds of videos on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

Whatever you do, your videos should be authentic and real. They should show your spa in action. Utilize videos in the marketing strategy for your spa business to put some life and soul into your brand! 

7. Create and run customer loyalty programs

Making your customers feel valued and special is the key to customer loyalty and retention. In an industry like yours, loyalty goes a long way, and retaining customers is also less expensive than gaining new ones. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on loyalty programs in your spa, if you haven’t started already:

Birthday programs

Each and every one of us likes to feel special on our birthdays. If you do it for your clients, it’d go a long way! And it’s pretty simple too. 

Just register each of your clients’ birthdays on their first visit (you could use an intake form for the same). Then offer them a treat on their birthday or for their whole birthday month. It could be a free add-on service or product, or a few dollars or a small percentage off on their favorite service!

Spa birthday program

Referral programs

Your existing customers are well aware of your services and the whole experience you deliver at your spa. Who can market your business better than them? 

Introduce referral programs at your spa and tell your customers about them. Offer incentives to encourage more and more customers to refer your services to a friend or family member, and hence increase your clientele.

The incentives would work best if they’re offered to both customers – the one who referred and the new one. It could be anything, a free session, or an attractive discount, or an irresistible package deal! 

Spa loyalty cards or memberships 

Make your clients feel special with spa memberships at a certain price or punch cards. The membership would entitle them to exclusive discounts and offers. Probably slightly higher off during the holidays or seasonal spa promotional discounts. 

A spa loyalty card will motivate your customers to return or upsell by offering loyalty discounts or a free service after your client completes a certain number of appointments with you.

Here’s how it works. They bring their punch card at each visit, punch or mark it, and once a certain number of punches is reached, they become eligible for the discounts or rewards you promised! 

8. Offer attractive spa service bundles  

Selling service packages to customers at discounted prices is an excellent spa advertising idea. Packaging your services into bundles will help you sell more services in each appointment, and it’ll also encourage your customers to return for more. Create packages of the services that usually go hand-in-hand with a little discount. 

These discounts would make your customers feel like they are getting more value for a lesser amount of money, and that they’re getting an amazing deal. You could package a manicure, pedicure, and waxing in a bundle, or a full body massage with a facial.

You could even incorporate your retail products like skincare items, scented candles, essential oils, or your own product line. 

9. Sell and promote spa gift cards/ certificates

Gift cards are a great way to sell your products and services and gain new customers. And as a bonus, they’re pretty common as a gift alternative, especially on special occasions or holidays. 

The gift cards do not have to be expensive or like real cards. You can just use free spa gift certificate templates and print the one you like. It won’t cost you a lot of money. And you can sell it to your customers, who will give it to their loved ones, getting you more new customers. 

You can even create special gift certificates for specific occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. They can come in handy during these special times of the year. 

Some scheduling software like Appointy let you create spa gift certificates from ready-to-use templates that are ready for you to use. Users can redeem those gift cards at the time of booking.  

10. Fuel your spa bookings with an online scheduler 

Manual bookings through calls and emails are a thing of the past. They involve a lot of back and forth scheduling, consume a lot of your time and effort, are not very convenient for you and your customers, and can cause double bookings, wrong bookings, and no-shows! 

Simplify the whole process of appointment booking for your spa with the help of a spa booking software to automate the scheduling process. It empowers your customers to book appointments even outside your business hours by themselves at their own convenience. You never have to deal with the hassles of manual scheduling. And you’ll get more time to focus on growing your spa business. 

The right scheduling software such as Appointy will help you do more than just automate the scheduling process. It will help you achieve your goals better with features that act as spa marketing tools. 

  • It allows you to share your booking link via multiple channels and get more bookings from your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, brochures, promotional emails, online directories, review sites, and more! 
  • Automated email and text reminders along with online prepayments help reduce no-shows and casual bookings. Rescheduling and cancellations are very easy and can be done by simple drag and drop, or just a click! 
  • With features like gift certificates, discount coupons, intake forms, digital SOAP notes, online reputation management, waiver forms, etc. you can deliver a more personalized spa experience for the guests. 
  • Manage your spa better with resource management, staff management, and a mobile app to keep track of your schedule and bookings on the go!
  • Optimize your marketing efforts with reporting and analytics features to keep track of your crucial metrics like the number of appointments, sales, customer satisfaction, staff productivity, etc. to make well-informed decisions. 


We hope that these spa marketing ideas turn out to be useful for you and that they help you plan your 2023 promotion strategy better. 

Apart from this, keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends and apply those to your spa. Learn and introduce even new services or massage techniques and provide them to your customers. 

Best of luck! 🙂

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